WAAU meets: Indira Mateta

Photographer, contemporary artist, activist. Indira was born in Luanda, Angola, in 1985. Her interest in visual arts started at a young age, and even though she is a self-taught artist, she is already an award-winning artist recognized for her work in photography.
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Indira Mateta (Luanda, 1985) is a multifaceted artist using different artistic languages such as photography, video, and sound. Mainly focusing on photography, she manages to capture the attention of different types of audiences, thanks to the determination and diligence she puts into her projects. In her career, Indira has had several international exhibitions, among which we highlight: “Violência não tá com nada”, in Luanda, and “Fala só”, in Portugal.

She has debated blackness and identity in the social context, making tributes to African and black women. In her work, ancestry and African roots are brought together with the community to reinforce the importance of the past and how much we can learn from it. Photography thus becomes an instrument of sharing, allowing the artist to explore and expose the cultures she comes in contact with through different perspectives.

As a contemporary artist and thinker, Indira sheds light on issues as pertinent as they are controversial. She lends her feminist vision and seeks to debate and bring her audience closer to issues that bring her disquiet.

Always searching for new ways of artistic expression, she gets involved in the musical area as a DJ, another source of inspiration for some of her works.

Translation and Subtitling: Érica Almeida Postiço

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