‘Find Her on the Trail of Truth’ by Rugiyatou Jallow at albertz benda

albertz benda presents 'Find Her on the Trail of Truth', by Rugiyatou Jallow, until February 4, 2023.

albertz benda presents ‘Find Her on the Trail of Truth’, by Rugiyatou Jallow, until February 4, 2023.

The artist states the following about the exhibition: “Our skin does not define us. My paintings will transport you into a world of questions and pride. Growing up my father would constantly speak of the pride he has for his Gambian heritage, sparking my own feelings of being drawn to African culture and finding a sense of home. The other side of the coin is my Swedish mother who inspired my love for nature and firm belief in the empowerment of women. I was raised by two pillars of strength but my paintings raise the question of what it is to be of a darker complexion. What does it mean to be darker and not dark enough simultaneously? My use of acrylic paint captures the dynamic beauty of black and mixed women, and my integration of surrealism highlights the incongruity of skin and identity. These portraits invite you to an array of emotions and lead you to the notion that our skin does not define us.”

Source: albertz benda

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