Sakhile&Me presents ‘Gravity’ by Mario Joyce

Sakhile&Me presents 'Gravity' by Mario Joyce, on display until June 10.

Sakhile&Me presents ‘Gravity’ by Mario Joyce, on display until June 10.

Mario Joyce is a self-taught African American artist based in Los Angeles. His process began early and was heavily influenced by prejudices experienced growing up Black and Queer in rural Ohio. He uses genealogical research, soil from Southwest Ohio, carefully sourced vintage collage materials and oil paint to explore how American History is steeped in selective storytelling that neglects to share the experiences of marginalized communities.

The title ‘Gravity’ alludes to the vortex-like brushstrokes present in the compositions, characterized by a dense color palette and motion intricately interwoven within spiraling fields and portal-like surfaces. In metaphorical interpretations of “gravity” we can envision various connections to gravitational forces and their inherent quality of keeping us grounded or tethered to a location, even as we evolve over time and traverse through space. Linked to genealogy and the tracing of ancestral lineages, the tangible effects of this “binding” or “attraction” merge the metaphysical with the passage of time, where historical encounters intersect with the more immediate, visceral, and emotional aspects of our enduring connection to the earth beneath our feet.

Sakhile&Me is an international exhibition and research space that focuses on contemporary art, particularly from Africa and its diasporas. They prioritize contextual specificity in content, medium, and genre, and invest in promoting the work and development of artists and researchers through solo and small group exhibitions, art fair participation, partnerships, workshops, and tours.

Source: Sakhile&Me.

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