Jack Bell Gallery presents ‘Formes Synchronisees’ by Manel Ndoye

Jack Bell Gallery presents 'Formes Synchronisees' by Manel Ndoye, on display from May 4 until May 19.

Jack Bell Gallery presents ‘Formes Synchronisees’ by Manel Ndoye, on display from May 4 until May 19.

Manel Ndoye was born in 1986, in Senegal, the artist’s unique painting style blends figuration and abstraction, exploring ecosystem pressures, Lébous coastal community life, and the ceremonial Ndawrabine dance. His work emphasizes the deep connection between humans and the sea. Employing pointillism, Ndoye captures the vibrant textiles and dynamic movement of female dancers, skillfully juxtaposing figures, backgrounds, and written elements.

The artist embarked on this collection of pieces ‘Formes Synchronisees’ with an inquiry: is it possible for mere lines to coalesce and create figures? Now, his work is perceived by himself as poetry in prose, as the lines of verse take shape in every direction – a visual symphony of acrylic concrete poetry.

The focus of Jack Bell Gallery (2010), in London, is to exhibit, represent and champion contemporary artists from around the world. The program includes twelve shows every year as well as art fairs in London, New York, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo.

Source: Jack Bell Gallery.

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