Ed Cross presents ‘I’m a Believer’, by Abe Odedina

Ed Cross presents 'I'm a Believer', an exhibition featuring Abe Odedina's latest works, on display until November 11th.

Ed Cross presents ‘I’m a Believer’, an exhibition featuring Abe Odedina’s latest works, on display until November 11th.

Abe Odedina, a Nigerian folk artist, challenges the categorization of ‘folk art’ by offering objects that embrace their objecthood. Born in 1960, Odedina’s work combines elements of Renaissance portraiture, devotional painting, and pop art, framing figures from various mythologies and characters from the artist’s imagination. He believes that for those without discipline, the morphing from hard facts to poetry is more enjoyable.

The exhibition explores the theme of the thin line between fact and fiction, and how belief bridges this gap. The title suggests that belief is a conscious choice, allowing viewers to accept or dismiss stories. Odedina’s art celebrates the enchantment in both extraordinary and ordinary lives, blending the profound with the mundane. Drawing inspiration from sacred traditions and pop culture, the exhibition highlights the importance of belief in shaping stories and its significance in modern art. Odedina’s message is clear: every piece asks for belief, and by entering the exhibition space, you’re already a believer.

Ed Cross collaborates with artists from the African diaspora, aiming to promote conversations between practitioners and international audiences, amplifying historically silenced voices and fostering independent development.

Source: Ed Cross.

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