BoCA Biennale presents ‘Trial’, by Herlander

BoCA Biennale presents 'Trial', by Herlander, on display tomorrow and after tomorrow.

BoCA Biennale presents ‘Trial’, by Herlander, on display tomorrow and after tomorrow.

BoCA Biennale is sponsored by the Institut Français Portugal’s Mais França Program, with WAAU as a partner.

Herlander, raised in Arrentela, Seixal, was inspired by his virtuous father who pursued music as an immigrant. His father would listen to music and sing around the house, and Herlander was always curious and imitated him. His father became his mentor, showing him various artists and influences. Herlander blames his father for his music career and doesn’t remember wanting to pursue anything else in life other than music.

The artist-performer challenges conventional popular music norms with his unique, anti-pop music.

Herlander’s latest project, ‘Trial’, is a theatrical concert inspired by Eloïse Grace Winter and Rafael de Oliveira. The piece explores life stages and identity facets, including birth, present reality, innocence, internal turmoil, and self-hyperawareness. Herlander’s work is akin to a theatrical concert, aiming to reclaim fragments lost during the coming-of-age transition. The piece invites listeners to embark on an introspective journey, seeking their elusive origin and core essence. Herlander’s journey began with his experimental EP “199” in 2018, and his performances have been featured at various venues and festivals.

BoCA, a Lisbon-based non-profit organization, promotes contemporary creation through a transdisciplinary approach. It develops a diverse cultural ecosystem through commissioning and producing artistic projects, programming biennials, long-term projects, education programs, and national and international diffusion.

Source: Boca Bienal and Threshold Magazine.

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