Ed Cross presents ‘Sem Título’, by Teresa Roza d’Oliveira

Ed Cross presents 'Sem Título', the first London exhibition showcasing the works of Teresa Roza d'Oliveira, on display until February 29th.

Ed Cross presents ‘Sem Título’, the first London exhibition showcasing the works of Teresa Roza d’Oliveira, on display until February 29th.

Teresa Roza d’Oliveira (1945 – 2019), a Mozambican artist of Portuguese descent, was a prominent figure in Mozambique’s independence fight. Despite her significant contributions, her personal life led to her marginalization in Mozambique’s artistic and political history. However, her work was showcased in various countries and museums. In 2022, her estate was incorporated into Perve Galeria’s collection, and her works were featured in a French auction and a significant auction at Sotheby’s in London.

‘Sem Título’, which spans from the 1970s to 2019, showcases d’Oliveira’s personal struggles and distinctive artistic vision. The exhibition features symbolic imagery, such as pseudo-biblical serpents and flood scenes, blurring the lines between angels and demons. Despite her divine themes, d’Oliveira’s art also incorporates a profoundly human element, suggesting punishment and emotional turmoil. The exhibition celebrates storytelling while challenging its boundaries, positioning d’Oliveira as both the protagonist and narrator, positioning her at the forefront of her own narrative.

Ed Cross collaborates with artists from the African diaspora, aiming to promote conversations between practitioners and international audiences, amplifying historically silenced voices and fostering independent development.

Source: Ed Cross

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