African Arty presents ‘The Children’s Republic’, by Dieudonné Djiela Kamkang

African Arty presents 'The Children’s Republic', by Dieudonné Djiela Kamkang, on display until March 31st.
Dieudonne Kamgang

African Arty presents ‘The Children’s Republic’, by Dieudonné Djiela Kamkang, on display until March 31st.

Dieudonné Djiela Kamkang, a master’s degree holder from Beaux-Arts University in Douala, creates art in Lagos, focusing on youth and historical knowledge. His work explores the concept of “restitution” and traditional culture, inspired by the Sankofa principle. Dieudonné has participated in numerous exhibitions and art fairs, including those at Art X Lagos and Arco Lisboa.

‘The Children’s Republic’ explores the futuristic vision of children ascending to leadership roles in a society, and navigating through historical challenges. Drawing from Guinean director Flora Gomez’s film, it showcases art depicting these young individuals overcoming adversities and envisioning a futuristic society. The display celebrates community and playful interaction, highlighting the natural capacity of children to bridge divides across social and ethnic lines. The use of materials like Ndop fabric and Western clothing styles symbolizes embracing cultural and societal diversity.

This initiative aims to foster unity by reflecting on the uninhibited ways children from various backgrounds come together. It also encourages viewers to journey back to their cultural and ancestral roots for a deeper understanding. The artworks encourage contemplation on themes of resilience, communal bonds, and cultural esteem, urging an introspective connection with one’s heritage.

African Arty aims to be more than just a gallery; it seeks to be a cultural nexus, inviting a diverse audience to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of African artistry.

Source: African Arty

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