Efie Gallery presents a group exhibition, ‘Elastic Visions’

Efie Gallery presents a group exhibition, 'Elastic Visions', curated by Faridah Folawiyo, on display until May 27th.

Efie Gallery presents a group exhibition, ‘Elastic Visions’, curated by Faridah Folawiyo, on display until May 27th.

The exhibition critically examines the rejection of Eurocentric cultural norms by African artists. Showcasing the work of Kesewa Aboah, Kevin Claiborne, Fadekemi Ogunsanya, Enam Gbewonyo, and Amina Kadous, it celebrates the fluidity and convergence of influences in artistic creation. Nigerian academic Folawiyo, with expertise in Middle Eastern studies, invites Western scholars to broaden their views on the Middle East. Through this, ‘Elastic Visions’ aims to enrich visitors’ understanding, encouraging them to appreciate the nuanced interplay of influences shaping art.

Kesewa Aboah, a Ghanaian-British artist, uses her body as a canvas in her work. Kevin Claiborne, a conceptual artist, explores identity, environment, and mental health in African American contexts. Fadekemi Ogunsanya integrates African cultural themes with mythology and traditional art. Enam Gbewonyo, a British-Ghanaian artist, focuses on femininity and the human condition through textile and performance art. Amina Kadous, a Cairo-based artist, explores memory, identity, and the fleeting nature of life.

Efie Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Dubai specialising in the representation and advancement of artists of African origin, both from the African continent and its global diaspora.

Source: Efie Gallery

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