Article in Focus: “Zanele Muholi demands acceptance of the LGBT+ community through the power of her photographic art”

Muholi's SFMOMA exhibit powerfully celebrates the resilience of South Africa's black LGBT+ community.

Zanele Muholi, a South African artist, is showcasing her work at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) until August 11, 2024. The exhibition features over 100 contemporary photography, painting, sculpture, and video works by Muholi, showcasing her mission to celebrate and bring visibility to South Africa’s black LGBT+ community post-apartheid.

Born in 1972, Muholi is a visual activist who uses photography to explore gender identity, representation, and racial issues. Her work showcases the struggles and resilience of queer individuals amidst societal trauma and violence, as well as their inherent beauty and strength. Muholi’s work is characterized by tenderness and intimacy, achieved through trust and collaboration with her subjects.

Zanele Muholi’s SFMOMA exhibition showcases pivotal series that illuminate her activism. ‘Only Half the Picture’ confronts hate crime resilience, while ‘Being’ celebrates queer love. ‘Brave Beauties’ champions transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, and ‘Faces and Phases’ archives black LGBT+ identities. Additionally, the exhibition introduces unseen video works, including interviews and a documentary about South Africa’s black lesbians, enriching the narrative with personal stories.

During the pandemic, Muholi explored painting and sculpture, using vibrant colors and diverse motifs to delve deeper into themes of identity and representation.

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