Architect in Focus: Lesley Lokko

The architect in focus for the month of April is Lesley Lokko (Dundee, United Kingdom, 1964)

The architect in focus for the month of April is Lesley Lokko (Dundee, United Kingdom, 1964)

Lesley Lokko, a Ghanaian-Scottish renowned architect, author, and curator, has made significant contributions to architectural education and dialogue over the past twenty years. Her landmark project, the Architectural Futures Institute (AFI), in Accra, Ghana, aims to create futuristic urban designs in Africa through collective effort. Lokko’s directorship at the Venice Biennale 2023 highlighted African and Africa-related architectural narratives, fostering dialogue around decarbonization and decolonization. Under her leadership, Nigerian artist and architect Demas Nwoko received the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.

Lokko’s involvement with the New Architecture Writers program demonstrates her commitment to diversity in design, journalism, and curation. Her RIBA Annie Spink Award and her work “White Papers Black Marks” reflect her belief in architecture as a cultural form that encourages public discourse beyond functionality. Her pedagogical influence extends across continents, including the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Ghana.

She became the first African woman to win the RIBA Royal Gold Medal, an award that recognizes her role in challenging and expanding the boundaries of architecture.

Source: Dezeen

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