La Biennale di Venezia: Troy Makaza at the Zimbabwean Pavilion

First Floor Gallery Harare presents Troy Makaza's inaugural Venice Biennale exhibition, 'Mwana Wamambo Muranda Kumwe.'

First Floor Gallery Harare presents Troy Makaza’s inaugural Venice Biennale exhibition, ‘Mwana Wamambo Muranda Kumwe.’

Troy Makaza, born in 1994 in Harare, Zimbabwe, is a leading contemporary artist. He developed a unique hybrid medium, pigment-infused silicone, which allows for various artistic expressions. Makaza joined First Floor Gallery Harare in 2015 and has since evolved his artistic practice. His work addresses visceral and philosophical themes, politics, history, and power, affecting Zimbabweans and their generation worldwide. His art incorporates traditional weaving and tapestry elements, making it distinctly contemporary and unique to Zimbabwe. Makaza’s work redefines African contemporary art, making it internationally relevant and locally resonant, and speaks to the uniqueness of Zimbabwe in the global contemporary art scene.

The exhibition, curated by Fadzai Muchemwa and commissioned by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, features two major works: “Dzimba-centric” and “Hapana risina mhodzi.” The title ‘Mwana Wamambo Muranda Kumwe’ originates from the Shona proverb, which emphasizes peaceful living. The proverb, which has nearly 2000 Zimbabwean proverbs, reflects the country’s historical and value systems, offering commentary on colonial implications.

The artwork challenges locals to recognize domestic opportunities similar to those once coveted by European colonizers. The piece, “Hapana risina mhodzi,” translates to “There is none without a seed,” reminding viewers of the inherent value and potential in everything and everyone. ‘Mwana Wamambo Murando Kumwe’ creates a visual and philosophical space where uncertainty leads to adventure, compassion guides interaction, limitations foster growth, and life is seen as a realm of wonder to be shared with future generations.

The exhibition is part of the UNDONE project at the Zimbabwe National Pavilion during the 60th La Biennale di Venezia.

Source: First Floor Gallery Harare

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