October Gallery presents ‘Inner Worlds, Outer Journeys’, by Ablade Glover

October Gallery presents 'Inner Worlds, Outer Journeys', Ablade Glover's exhibition, on display until August 3rd.

October Gallery presents ‘Inner Worlds, Outer Journeys,’ Ablade Glover’s exhibition, on display until August 3rd.

Professor Ablade Glover, the first sub-Saharan African artist to be featured at the October Gallery, is celebrating his 90th birthday with a solo exhibition of his new paintings. Since 1982, Glover has been the first artist to showcase his vibrant oil paintings at the gallery. His latest exhibition, ‘Inner Worlds, Outer Journeys,’ showcases his personal and artistic growth. Glover has earned numerous accolades as an artist, educator, and curator in Ghana and beyond, influencing a new generation of artists and shaping the trajectory of Ghanaian art.

Glover’s canvases showcase Ghana’s vibrant energy and daily life through vibrant scenes of bustling markets, crowded lorry parks, and vividly dressed people. His technique involves applying thick layers of oil paint, transforming detailed scenes into stunning abstract washes of color up close. From a distance, these abstract forms coalesce into discernible figures and scenes, blurring the line between abstract and figurative, and capturing the viewer’s attention by how individual figures emerge and disappear into the vibrant tapestry of life he depicts.

October Gallery, established in 1979, is a charitable trust that supports artists, musicians, writers, and students through art sales, venue rentals, grants, and comprehensive educational programs.

Source: October Gallery

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