Daudi Karungi

Daudi Karungi (born 1979, Kampala, Uganda) founded Afriart Gallery (AAG) in 2002 with a focus on supporting and advancing careers of African contemporary artists as well as facilitating collaborations among artists, professionals and institutions globally. The gallery's artists have been featured in major institutional exhibitions, art auctions, Biennales, and Art Fairs.

Daudi is at the forefront of a movement that promotes contemporary art from East Africa. In 2007, he co-founded START, a journal of arts and culture criticism, Kampala Arts Trust (KART), a coalition of artists and art appreciators in the country and elsewhere who are working toward the dream of making art an integral part of Ugandan society. Among KART’s projects is establishing a modern art museum in the country which will facilitate research, exchange programs and training as well as offering a state-of-the-art exhibition space for local works. KART also produces the Kampala Art Biennale and Daudi has worked as its director since 2014.

Daudi has been part of several important panel discussions like Talking Galleries NYC edition and has been featured in major publications including The New York Times. Karungi studied at the Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts at Makerere University, Kampala and has been a practicing artist from 2002-2016.

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