Mophradat Grants for Artists

Priority to the Arab Region

Self Organizations is a program that aims to provoke inventive ways of working together and collaborating. The program offers support to projects where different arts practitioners take the initiative and join forces to define a mutual resource or interest that’s important for their work, and propose how to share or develop it. The overall purpose of the program is to incite productive conversations, encourage the development of bespoke protocols for collaboration, and push for new art experiences to take place. Ultimately, through different experiments with self-organization, the value of collective sharing and generosity amongst arts communities may show itself to be more relevant than funds and structures.

The program will involve a diversity of participants working according to the specific guidelines below in order to try different formats and methodologies. It will also require from the participants to participate in an online workshop that aims to provide useful tools to support them in navigating organizational disagreements.

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